Welcome on my personal website.

My name is Kristin Stobbink and i’m the admin for the facebook page Art & Printmaking. This page is a fanpage and has a growing following of 150 000 people (and has a 70 000 views a month – 3000 views per post). The page Art & Printmaking is a part of other facebook pages. These pages are run by vullantears like myself.

My personal valuas and goals – by Kristin Stobbink.
To educate and with that generate real appreciation and involvement for the craft.
To do justice to the maker of today.
To give credits to the maker and show hidden gems.
To stimulate interaction and involvement.
To widen my network of printmakers and be more connected.
To make new friends – help me by following my personal account of facebook / instagram.

Here some preset questions and answers.

I’m a printmaker and i like to be fetured on the page Art & Printmaking?
In that case you are on the right way by reading this introduction.
You can use this link to go to a ‘open call’ and to give your information.

What kind of information will that be?
To make a post for the page the admin needs to know a few things.
1. Your name and the country you are from.
2. A link to your Artist page/website/Instagram.
3. A small artist statement:
About the topic/theme of your work and about the kind of printmaking you use.

Does this cost anything?
There is no fee to this share and if someone likes to buy your art they are recommended to ask the artist him- / herself.

What can i do to help out?
Follow my personal social media, the art page itself is very restricted to look into followers and their page(s).
Liking and sharing of the posts is caring #support a artist – don’t just promote your own work.
Proces videos can always be used – these give a lot more interaction than normal posts.
Videos that are on intagram can’t be used because they do not play automatically.
If you have videos of the making process please send these pm (on the facebook page to the admin).
Give graditude for the free promotion of your work, this is volunteerwork and takes the admin many hours to make.
It could be likely that the admin makes two posts (and plans them) or will make a new share later on when you make something new.

I have tagged the page many times but it does not show my work.
It could be that your share is not the right quality (bad pictures).
It could be that the work is not really stimulating, its does not show (high) quality.
It could be that your share (is all about courses and) gives not the right information.
It could be that there are already many post (or printmade work) on this topic.
It could be that you have overshared this post, like with all the other groups and pages.
It could be that the price of the work is not a realistic representation of the craft.
It could be that its not really printmaking (see other art pages under #artandall for a better fit).
It could be that the post is made and planned but not posted yet.
It could be that you only followed the page with your printmaker page – more is needed.

My work has been posted and someone is being mean about my work.
This page has a very long loading time, it does not always show the comments (on the phone of the admin).
Please message the admin straight away, press ‘send message’ on the facebook page.