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“In 2015 is got my Bachelor degree in Art and Education, during my studies a did a minor in Hong Kong and there i did a printmaking course. Here is where my passion for printmaking was given roots and i learned skills i still use today – like how to make a etching. This gave also way to a certain individual style that i have in my work.

I started to grow into a printmaker and and made a large serie of landscapes for my graduation. And got involved with my local printmaking studio for printmakers called Grafisch Atelier Friesland (in the Netherlands). There i met wonderful and skilled printmakers and collaborate with them over the years and did art project like the yearly Book project (these are all prints made for Printmaker Art Books). My work started to grow and also the exhibits i was part of.

Nature plays a large role in my work, and how humanity has a disregard for its well being. In the printmaking studio the printmakers would say that my styl is more that of a painter that does printmaking. Still i do valua the printmaking mindset very highly and honour the rules of the craft. I just believe that a etching is not necessarily a line etching, like a painting is not defined by the use of a brush. I like to work with many layers in my etchings (i use aquatint) and with the transparency thats gives the feeling of a aquarell. And i mix many shades of ink of the plate and on the plate when i print them.

I also like to make so called portraits like “Put your mask on” and my new project “Be my friend. These are not really portraits, they are more projections or reflections on a certain topic.

In this stage i’m also the admin of the Facebook page Art & Printmaking and there is a good chance thats where you found my website. I think it gives real depth and value to the page that i’m a printmaker and have the skills to select and educate on this topic. My growing artistry over the past few years makes that i’m in many printmakers groups for ‘makers for makers’, also i follow many hidden gems (like on instagram). There are many great living artist with very affordable work – “they do need to be supported to grow”. It is a complex, intensive and expensive craft to make, but very atreactive because of the great craftman ship and also the editioning system to buy and own.

I believe that through education comes real appreciation.

Are you a printmaker or just want to know more about my admin values and selection proces, read this.

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Kristin Stobbink (1987) Zwolle
Bachlor degree ‘Teacher Visual Arts and Design’, Noordelijke Hoge School the Leeuwarden.
Involved by printmaker studio Grafisch Atelier Friesland the Netherlands.

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Instagram @stinlandart English posts about being a printmaker.
Facebook Kristin Stobbink Page of a Printmaker happenings around exhibits.
Admin for Art & Printmaking on facebook – printmakers please use the ‘open call‘ post.

Some of my (social statement) low priced and easy schipped products are for sale on Etsy @PrintmakerKStobbink – use this link to go to the Etsy store – (mouth masks for 10 euro and “Be my friend” buddies for 20euro).


My prints are in stock at the Galerie de Roos van Tuder in the Netherlands.

Galerie de Roos van Tudor

Opening hours: Thursday 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM, Friday 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM and Saturday 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Address: Eewal 47-49 , 8911 GR Leeuwarden the Netherlands. Phone number: +3158 – 216 16 36